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Revolution Cycles offers a full range of professional Retül enhanced fit services at our Clarendon and Rockville locations, all centered on the goal of enhancing your experience on the bike by maximizing comfort, efficiency, power and endurance. 

Whether you are a road rider, mountain biker, cyclocross competitor, triathlete or commuter, we believe strongly that a proper bike fit is essential to achieving sustainable comfort, peak performance and injury prevention. 

All of our fits include a physiological assessment, consideration of your riding style, objectives, and particular needs and adjustment of the bike to best adapt it to you.

Our signature premier Retül fit service is provided by our certified fit specialist using the state-of-the-art Retül 3-D dynamic measurement system to collect accurate and realistic riding data from eight key anatomical points while you are in motion riding on the bike. 

Our fit specialist compares your position to data collected by Retül working with thousands of riders of all levels, and adjusts your bike and equipment to match your particular physiology, riding needs and objectives to find a perfect custom fit.    

The Zin, Retül's handheld digitizer, allows the fitter to then digitally measure your bike at 13-15 fixed points, contours, and curves, and provides a complete digital map of the bike. These measurements are then stored in a report which includes your personal profile, measurements from the fit, bike measurements and final fit position.  You and the fitter can then access these records in the future for modifications, comparison and bike configuration. 

The Zin report is an easily understood map for you and others to set up your bike exactly as determined by your personalized fit which is especially helpful when travelling or configuring a new bike.

The Retül system is simply the best, most accurate and widely used fit system adopted  by top level riders such as professional  teams Garmin-Sharp, Team Sky, Orica-GreenEdge, Team Europcar, MTN Qhubeka, Colombia, British Cycling, USA Triathlon, as well as  numerous world-class triathletes including Ironman World Champions Craig Alexander and Leanda Cave.


  • Includes:
  • Biomechanical analysis
  • Cycling-specific flexibility/functional strength assessment
  • Dynamic data capture of 3D full body movements to determine optimal position and bike adjustments
  • Comprehensive digital reports of 3D body parameters and bicycle fit coordinates
  • (Retül Fit appointment of approximately 90-120 minutes required)

BASIC BIKE FIT   Road- $150, Tri -$200


  •   Biomechanical analysis
  •   Static measurements
  •   Bike and equipment adjustments


"Note that each fit with Revolution Cycles is guaranteed. If you are experiencing problems with your fit, appointments made within two weeks of original fit appointment will be free of charge. 

A credit card number is required to book a fit appointment Revolution Cycles . No payment is charged at the time of booking. Payment is due at the fit appointment, and an alternative method of payment may be used (other than the credit card used for the booking). For cancellations with 24 hours of the appointment, the credit card on file will be charged $50."



Neil Meyer, Fit Services Manager

Neil is a Retül certified fitter with several years of experience in the bike industry and specializes in providing fit services for riders of all types and levels.  With training and certification from Retül, the acknowledged leader in bicycle fit technology, Neil offers a combination of the most advanced fit system and years of personal experience, studies and training with some of the leading experts in the bicycle fit industry.



Hours: M-F 11-7
Sat 10-6; Sun 12-6
3411 M Street, NW
Washington, DC 20007
(202) 965-3601


Hours: M-F 11-8
Sat 10-6; Sun 12-6
2731 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, VA 22201
(703) 312-0007


Hours: M-F 11-7
Sat 10-6; Sun 12-6
5750 Fishers Lane
Rockville, MD 20852
(301) 424-0990 


Hours: M-F 11-7 (Closed Wed)
Sat 10-6; Sun 12-6
2773 Jefferson Davis Hwy, #111
Stafford, VA 22554
(540) 657-6900 

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